Got chicken? (… or what to do with leftover clementines)

So I after I got my 20 clementines from Carrefour and only used 5 for yesterday’s clementine cake, I had to come up with a few more uses other than just munching on them raw (which I do love, too. But 15 in a go… ouff!).

Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration, and I found this wonderful recipe of roasted chicken with clementines. Double-points as we are trying to stay away from too much gluten and stock up on proteins instead.

It is super easy to make. Basically just throw together the ingredients to make a sauce, then cut up chicken (with skin), clementines and onions. Throw it all together with some thyme (or rosemary in my case), put it into the oven – and tada! Extra – bonus: it smells wonderful and will get you all edgy with anticipation 🙂

IMG_6202 blog
IMG_6212 blog
IMG_6219 blogIMG_6217 blog


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