Don’t be ‘hangry’, have an indulgent cup of hot cocoa

Tonight, I had best intentions of cooking a wonderful dinner. Maybe jambalaya, maybe meatballs. Be the ‘perfect housewife’ I keep joking to Marc I could be if I had time.

In reality I had a longish day at work with the last conference call ending at 7pm. And by that time I was HUNGRY, borderline ‘hangry’ to be honest with you! So there was no way around it, we went out for dinner to a local place around the corner to have some chicken with veggies and mezze. Good enough, but nothing amazing.

So when we got home, I felt like indulging into something nice and warm. Something rich. Something home-made. – Hot chocolate! First time I’ve made it at home and I don’t know why I didn’t do it more often! I was often put off by the calories, but to be honest with you, it’s only marginally more than eating the chocolate on its own, and it feels so much more satisfying!

The key here, as with all other foods, are the ingredients. You put good chocolate in, you get good chocolate out! I’ve used Lindt 99% chocolate and instead of sugar, I’ve used jaggery. Simply put the ingredients into the pot and heat.

Ingredients for one mug of hot and chocolaty goodness:
– 1/8 of a chocolate bar (use good quality!)
– a small piece of jaggery
– a teaspoon of cinnamon
– a glass of almond milk (this makes it a bit thicker)

IMG_6242 blog

IMG_6246 blog


IMG_6248 blog


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