For all of you who are missing summer – baked peaches

Oh well, yes. This is the season of mandarins, apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes. But in case you still find some nectarines of peaches around, here is one of my favorites for late summer.

(We kind of missed late summer here in Istanbul. One day it was hot and before you know it – it’s winter!)

This recipe is super quick and it is very delicious. So maybe like me, you’re still hanging on to summer (at least in thought), already reminiscing of those days the sun would set late and your skin is warm from a day out in the sun.

– fresh peaches from the market
– feta cheese
– balsamic vinegar
– fresh mint

– Prehead the oven to 275 degrees
– Wash, destone and half the peaches and put in an oven-safe dish
– Sprinkle peaches with balsamic vinegar, feta and some mint leaves (leave some for serving)
– Bake until the feta turns crispy on the corners
– Eat while warm, maybe even with a bit of vanilla ice-cream!




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