I am a strong believer that You Are What You Eat and that eating well is fun and delicious! It is too easy to eat processed food, and I’m the last person to argue that sugar is delicious.

Nonetheless, there are some pretty awesome foods out there that are all natural and actually really flavorsome! A little bit of balanced diet goes a long way! Think of all the spices of this world, all the good dark raw chocolate, local farm goods, cheeses! The world has soooo much to offer to us naturally already and I love having local food during my travels, discovering new ways to mix and prepare veggies and fish, try new desserts, be blown away by new spices!

I am a marketer in day time and I get to travel a fair bit, especially in Eastern Europe. Getting to know new cultures and new cuisines is so wonderful, and on this blog I look forward to sharing my local and international food experiences and my recipes with you!

Stay well and enjoy good food, friends!

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I look forward to hearing your comments, thoughts or just a friendly Hello!

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